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Access the Debates. Anytime.

Access the Debates. Anytime.

Election day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and we want you to be prepared and informed. If you missed a debate or perhaps the national conventions, all of them are available on BendBroadband on Demand and on C-span’s website.

Watch these videos on BendBroadband on Demand:

  • Republican National Convention
  • Democratic National Convention
  • All three Presidential debates
  • Vice Presidential Debate

Here are simple instructions on how to access the videos on Demand:

  1. Press the VOD button on your remote.
  2. Go to “CSPAN Campaign 2012” menu
  3. Pick the debate or convention that interests you and select “OK”

Experiencing reboots and a blue screen

We wanted to let you know about a technical problem that has arisen following the billing integration between Chambers Cable and BendBroadband. This only affects those customers in the Sunriver area who have a digital set-top box. If you have a digital set top box, it may reboot, which will result in a blue screen… Continue Reading

Conversion of Sunriver customer accounts to the BendBroadband billing system is complete!

Early on the morning of October 24th, BendBroadband converted all Sunriver customer accounts into our BendBroadband billing and operational systems. We thank Chambers Cable for their help with billing over the past three months. As part of this conversion cable TV equipment located at our Sunriver headend facility was upgraded and set top box firmware… Continue Reading

Update on Fox Audio/Visual Bugs

We received an update last night from our engineering team, which has been working around the clock to alleviate the issues on channel 610. As you may recall from earlier posts, KTVZ recently updated their master control system, which affected the quality of the signal. Many of the issues have been resolved, but some remain.… Continue Reading

Important Update for Sunriver Online Bill Pay Customers

BendBroadband will be converting all former Chambers Cable customers to BendBroadband’s billing system during the week of October 22. If you use automatic bill pay or the Chambers Online Bill Pay system, you will need to pay your October balance using one of the following methods: • Mail a check to the Chambers address on… Continue Reading