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Customer Notice: Investigation Discovery channel

On October 1, we will be adding Investigation Discovery channel to our Essentials and Preferred television lineups. Previously available only to Bronze Tier customers as a premium, you’ll find Investigation Discovery on channel 159.

59562_id_logoInvestigation Discovery is an American network owned by Discovery Communications that features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime subjects, often of a violent nature.  It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but has become one of the fastest growing cable television networks in the country. According to The New York Times, “It is especially popular amongst women, ranking as a top five cable network for women 24-54 years old in the United States.”

Crime scene







The sensational mix of programming, which includes shows like “Unusual Suspects,” “Deadly Women,” “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” and “Nightmare Next Door,” could have you triple checking your locks at night and looking at your neighbors in a new light, but it seems to be strangely addictive viewing. Check out the Huffington Post’s 10 signs you’re addicted to the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Probably not for light sleepers or the faint of heart.

Know your BendBroadband email password

Know your BendBroadband email password

According to the stat gurus on BendBroadband’s Technical Support team — available 24/7! — around 10 percent of the calls the department receives in a given month are for email-related issues. And many of those issues could have been resolved more quickly, or not prompted a call for help at all, if the customer knew… Continue Reading

Behind the scenes at myWindow

Behind the scenes at myWindow

If you’ve ever watched a myWindow segment, you’ve probably noticed the reporting team isn’t simply sitting behind a desk. They’re exploring Central Oregon and bringing the audience along. Whether John Hammarley is learning to flip his kayak, Mackenzie Wilson is giving paragliding a shot, or Kerri Stewart is getting fashion tips from local pros, each episode explores a different adventure and topic… Continue Reading

We’re trading convenience for safety: Take precautions on public WiFi

We’re trading convenience for safety: Take precautions on public WiFi

We’re online, but we’re not being safe about it. The results of a new study reveal people don’t understand key elements of cybersecurity. Worse, even those that are aware of the risks are doing things they know they shouldn’t, upping the odds they’ll get scammed. The AARP interviewed 800 people age 18 and older over… Continue Reading

STARZ for less than a dollar a month!

STARZ for less than a dollar a month!

If you’ve been thinking about adding STARZ, now’s the time to order (and even if you haven’t, you should!). BendBroadband customers can save half off STARZ for six months — only $4.99 per month — plus you’ll score an extra $25 rebate after three months. Do the math and you’ll realize after your rebate, you’ll end… Continue Reading

Announcing 24/7 Technical Support

BendBroadband Technical Support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including the holidays. If you have any issues with your residential or business services, our Technical Support team is here to help! BendBroadband prides itself on great customer service. Many of you asked for longer support hours, and we listened. We have… Continue Reading

Play Shark Trivia, win prizes!

It’s Shark Week on the Discovery channel, and we’re celebrating with some Shark Trivia over on the BendBroadband Facebook page! Go answer some Shark Trivia and you’ll have a chance to win a couple of coupons for free Movies On Demand. Be sure to check back throughout the week … there’s more to come. Also,… Continue Reading

Internet safety tips from local experts

Sometimes it seems like every new day brings a new frontier in the murky world of online crime. Your morning newspaper details the newest email scam going around town. The nightly newscast reports on the latest corporate data breach. Hackers and phishing over here. Identity theft over there. It’s enough to make your head swim.… Continue Reading

Meet the Mariners Moose!

We here at BendBroadband are super-stoked to have the Seattle Mariners back on local TVs thanks to the return of ROOT SPORTS. So stoked that we might just give the Seattle Mariners Moose a big ol’ moose hug on Friday, July 3 when he makes an appearance at that night’s Bend Elks game against the… Continue Reading