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BendBroadband customers: Scam alert

BendBroadband customers: Scam alert

It has come to our attention that many residents in Bend have received the below email which includes a dire warning at the end.  This is a scam – do not reply to it.   Simply delete it.

It has many tell-tale signs of scam with spacing issues, typos and a threat — the extension is also a long known scam hitting telecom companies nationwide over the past few years.

Thank you to the customers who called in to report it.


Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017 3:35 PM

Subject: Important Notice


It appears that your payment that we have on file for you was recently declined when we attempted to pay the due invoice(s) on your account.To avoid any interruptions in your service you will need to update your automated payment information online.

To update the payment information on your account:

  1. In your browser go to My Account:
  2. Enter your main username and password and click the Sign In button.
  3. Update Payment Method.
  4. Update your Credit Card or eCheck on file and click the Save Settings button.

Alternatively you can go directly to the link below:

If you have any questions please contact our Billing Department at; or by sending an email to

Thank You,

Thank you for using BendBroadband™.

Warning:All account owners who refuse to update account within 72 hours of receipt of this email will lose his/her account permanently.


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Beware of charity scams!

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Attention: Email Scam Alert

Attention: Email Scam Alert

We have reports of an email scam hitting our customers to warn you about. Please be aware of any email from: “Bend Broadband Customer Service” — this is a scam account. The request references YOUR MONTHLY BILL and says your payment was declined and that you need to update your information online by following… Continue Reading