The Benefits of Virtualization

On Monday, The New York Times’ technology writer John Markoff wrote about the recently released report by Jonathan Koomey concerning trends in data center energy consumption. The Stanford University professor stated that the energy use of data centers is much lower than previously predicted on both a global scale and in the U.S. According to Koomey, data center energy doubled from 2000 to 2005, but in the next five years slowed down considerably to 56% worldwide and just 36% domestically. Koomey cited a number of reasons leading to this, including the lowered demand for computing, the 2008 financial crisis and the emergence of more efficient technologies such as computer chips and computer server virtualization.

It’s this last point that’s the most salient and relevant. Computer usage and power usage will unarguably keep increasing as more of the world becomes technology dependant in the business and enterprise sector. What allows us to keep up with this trend and slow the rate at which energy use is consumed on a large (data center) scale is new technology.

In the world of data centers, virtualization is a key component in achieving this. Server and storage virtualization provide vast amounts of savings in maintenance, power and cooling, not to mention providing environmental and “green” benefits as well.

Virtualization cuts down on the number of physical servers in use, which reduces the fixed energy costs and drives up the efficiency and utilization of the existing servers. According to BendBroadband Vault partner Logicalis, virtualization can lead a company to reduce its fleet of servers by 12-to-20 times the original amount.

The green benefits of virtualization are obvious. The lower number of servers leads to lower energy consumption, less emissions, pollutants and waste, among other items.

Ultimately, however, virtualization leads to lower operational costs, saving money not only on the number of servers a facility needs to power, but also on the amount of reduced floor space that virtualization creates and the reduction in server management costs.

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