Case Study: Pine Mountain Sports

Case Study: Pine Mountain Sports


“Being able to live, work and play here in Central Oregon is truly something special. By switching to BendBroadband we were able to find a technology partner who not only could provide us with the reliability and customer service we needed, we also found someone who shares a passion for this community and giving back to it.”

— Dan McGarigle, Owner, Pine Mountain Sports

Pine Mountain Sports has been a fixture in Central Oregon for many years. In fact, their slogan is “At the heart of local adventures.” They have a reputation for giving back to the community and wanted to find a local, reliable technology partner who had a similar philosophy and who could deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to meet their I.T. needs as those needs changed and evolved.

Pine Mountain Sports first partnered with BendBroadband back in 2003 and they have never once regretted the decision. Now they’re able to upgrade bandwidth when it’s needed (like when they recently needed to improve their online training experience). And, when problems do arise, we’re able to diagnose them remotely to get them resolved quickly.

After making the switch to BendBroadband, the company has benefitted from improved reliability, which is key to their bottom line since the Internet is vital for handling on-line shipments and managing their website. What’s more, our reliable phone service has kept the lines of communication with customers open and has allowed them to process credit card orders. We’ve also managed to save them money on their monthly I.T. bill in the process.

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