2013 Back to Football Contest Winner


BendBroadband is happy to announce the winner of the 2013 Back to Football promotion, Mary Pat “Mattie” Rhoades of Quiltsmart in Bend.

Rhoades founded Quiltsmart 20 years ago to make it easier for sewers to get into the craft. She developed a novel system of printing patterns on interfacing—material used to make the fabric in quilts (and garments) rigid. This effectively eliminated the need for fussy paper patterns.

“My goal is to make quilting fun, leaving behind the tedious work of the past, yet keeping the classic look of the quilts we all love,” she writes on the Quiltsmart website. “Though I’m far from a perfectionist, and can be quite content with mismatched seams, a side benefit of making quilting easier using printed interfacing is that it ends up being pretty darned accurate, too! So, quilting these traditionally difficult quilts (like Lone Stars, Mariner Compasses, Dahlias) becomes pretty easy—easy enough for beginners to shine at the quilt guild show-and-tell!”

Quiltsmart has been a BendBroadband customer for decades. “We’ve had BendBroadband service at Quiltsmart for ages and we’ve always been happy with the customer service and performance,” she says. “We’ve had 100 percent uptime and the service has been trouble-free since day one.”

Rhoades received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, featuring wi-fi, 16 GB of storage, and a Samsung cover.

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