BendBroadband Concept Stage Award Finalist Q & A Series: Bird Dog Bioventures

BVC Concept Stage Finalist Q&A: Patrick Young founder of Bird Dog Bioventures and Owner of Veterinarian Practice The Athletic Horse

Q: What was the big idea or experience that led you to found your company/product?

A: I’d been working on a new vaccination for a disease in horses called Pigeon Fever. I came up here to compete in Pacific Crest Triathlon and heard about the Bend Venture Conference. I contacted EDCO, talked to Nate LiaBraaten and he convinced me to attend. So I did; I was looking for any excuse to get back to Central Oregon. BVC inspired me so much that I finished my patent applications for Pigeon Fever. I ended up licensing the product to a company and, taking a huge leap of faith, I decided to move my family, veterinarian practice, The Athletic Horse, and Bird Dog Bioventures to Central Oregon.


Q: What is the problem that you will solve?

A: I want to develop and provide solutions for underserved areas and regional diseases in animal health, like Pigeon Fever in horses and Salmon Poisoning in dogs. I look at it from the perspective of “What do vets need to do their jobs better?” So much of a veterinarians practice is reactive – I want to provide them the solutions that they can use to be more proactive in preventing disease and illness in animals.


Q: What products are you developing?

A: The Pigeon Fever vaccine is in development with Colorado Serum, which license the product from Bird Dog Ventures.

I am currently working on an equine Gatorade-like recovery drench to replenish fluids and nutrients in active horses. I am also researching several potential vaccines such as Salmon Poisoning vaccine for dogs, which is a particularly virulent disease that occurs only dogs who have ingested fish in the region from Northern California up through British Columbia.


Q: What success have you had to date?

A: It’s not my first rodeo. The licensing of Bird Dog Bioventures Pigeon Fever vaccine to Colorado Serum is the most prominent success to date


Q: What are the biggest challenges you face?

A: Time management. Balancing a clinical veterinarian practice and biotech business, along with family, is the biggest challenge.


Q: If you win at BVC how will you use the $10,000 Concept Stage prize from BendBroadband?

A: First I’ll have a Central Oregon beer (ha!). It will primarily go toward funding of the equine Gatorade-like drench, which will provide instant revenue and serve as a launch pad for further biotech projects. It’s been a blast to be a part of BVC, there are lots of excellent concept stage companies presenting at the conference. I’m anxious to watch and help all of our journeys. It’s a great group of successful entrepreneurs.

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