Improve Sales and Productivity with Music

Improve Sales and Productivity with Music

Research finds that music improves productivity and morale (and helps to increase sales).

Do you hear the music? You should. Research shows that listening to music at a moderate volume can improve productivity, increase employee morale, and helps to increase sales. When people’s minds tend to wander music can help them focus. It can be a tremendous boost to creative thinking. It can help people who are stressed to think more positively and be open to more options, whether in the workplace or shopping.

To help businesses swing in the New Year, BendBroadband’s Stingray music service offers 50 music channels with a variety of genres that can be used to motivate employees or ease people into a buying mood when shopping, all of which helps improve the bottom line.

What genres of music should you tune in to get the most out of employees or customers? Here are the BendBroadband recommendations for Stingray channels:

  • Ambient music boosts creativity – The research finds that music playing in the background can boost creativity. Instrumentals or mellow music are best. Tune in Stingray’s The Spa, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Masters, or The Blues (channels 942-945).
  • Familiar music improves focus – If you need to focus listening to music you are familiar with tends to help with concentration. Smooth listening, classics, electronic, hip-hop, indie rock and more are best options. Turn to Stingray’s Folk Roots, Eclectic Electronic, Hip Hop, Adult Alternative (channels 922, 903, 904, 915 respectively).
  • Classical and ambient music for number crunching or editing – Classical and ambient music was found to be best for improved accuracy when dealing with mathematical problems or for spell checking. Classic Masters, Juke Box Oldies, The Light are among the channel option you want to turn (channels 950, 929, 934).
  • Pop music for data entry or for meeting deadlines – People listening to pop completed data entry tasks 58 percent faster than those not listening to any music at all. Pop and dance music helped people’s performance in order to get work done. In that case Today’s Latin Pop, Nothing But the 90s, Pop Adult, Groove (Disco & Funk), and Dance Clubbin’ are a few of the options (channels 935, 926, 918, 907 and 902).

For retailers looking to spur customer into the buying mood the music should be familiar and “disappear” into the background to help people feel calm and/or energetic. If it’s too loud or catchy it tends to be distracting and reduce sales, according to studies. Knowing your customer audience is important. Some of the Stingray channels to consider include Hit List, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Classics, Hot Country, Today’s Latin Pop, (channels 901, 912, 917, 919, 930, 935).

BendBroadband’s Stingray can be accessed through TV, desktops and computing devices, or mobile phones.

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