DrinkTanks taking beer world by storm


Less than three years after its founding, DrinkTanks is revolutionizing the way beer lovers consume their favorite beverage.

Flustered by flat beer, DrinkTanks owner and founder Nicholas Hill and his late father, Dr. Tim Hill, committed to solving one of life’s most maddening problems.

And they nailed it.

DrinkTanks’ first product, a 64-ounce double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel growler, was highlighted by an airtight cap that keeps beer carbonated longer than any other container on the market. Beverages stay cold for 24 hours in what DrinkTanks has dubbed its Classic growler, and hot for 12 hours.

“The market needed a perfect growler,” says Leslie Hall, DrinkTanks’ Director of Sales and Marketing. “There’s so many great beers that aren’t bottled or canned.”

Building on the success of its Classic growler, DrinkTanks — a BendBroadband Business customer — launched a Kickstarter campaign last March that sought to raise $75,000 to help with production of its two most ambitious products to date: the Juggernaut, a 128-ounce behemoth of a growler, and the Kegulator, a cap that auto-regulates any DrinkTanks growler’s carbonation level.

The Juggernaut/Kegulator campaign whipped the beer world into a frenzy as DrinkTanks reached its $75,000 goal in just three days, eventually garnering more than $300,000 in support from people via the crowdfunding website.

“Together, it’s like a mini-portable kegerator,” Hall says about the Juggernaut and Kegulator. “You turn the cap to whatever PSI the brewer suggests. It keeps the beer fresh to the last drop.”

The beauty of the Kegulator, explains Hall, is that it works with any compressed gas and pressure levels can range from between zero and 40 PSI.

Want your Obsidian Stout on nitro just like the pours at Deschutes Brewery’s downtown Bend public house? Done.

Need a lower PSI for one of Curly White’s cask-conditioned beers from McMenamins’ Old St. Francis School pub? Not a problem.


With the Kegulator, craft beer can be consumed exactly as it was intended to be enjoyed.

“It should be called the Game Changer,” Hall jokes. “It’s the most innovative product you’ll see.”

The Kegulator, which fits on both DrinkTanks’ Juggernaut and Classic growlers, also works great for kombucha, wine and soda, Hall adds.

“Our philosophy is everything is better when it’s shared,” she says. “Whether that’s taking your favorite beverage camping, tailgating or just to a friend’s house for a birthday party, it’s all about sharing your favorite beverage.”

As DrinkTanks’ popularity has grown, so has its payroll. When Hill officially launched the company in July 2013, it was just him and an engineer. DrinkTanks now boasts 22 employees, more than half of which were hired in 2015. Before Christmas, the company was so busy it ran two shifts a day.

“I have to admit, it’s been challenging on many fronts,” Hill says. “But overall, I’d say — and I think our team would agree — we do it out of passion.

“Anything,” he adds, “to avoid flat beer.”

DrinkTanks taking beer world by storm

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