Tenth Month Campaign Celebrates Innovation

Tenth Month Campaign Celebrates Innovation

To the creative, the innovative and the daring, October is your month in Bend.

The BendFilm Festival, Swivel Digital Marketing Conference, Bend Venture Conference, Bend Design and Venture Out Festival all take place next month, enhancing Bend’s reputation as a place for big and outside-the-box ideas.

BendFilm kicks off the “celebration of ideas and innovation,” as Visit Bend has dubbed it, with the opening night of its 13th annual film festival on Thursday, Oct. 6. The four-day event kicks off with the documentary Voyagers Without Tracethe story of three French adventurers who in 1938 became the first people to kayak the Colorado and Green rivers.

Things really heat up the second week of October, with Swivel taking place Oct. 10-11; the Venture Out Festival and the Bend unConference both scheduled for Oct. 12 and Bend Venture Conference set for Oct. 13-14. At last year’s conference, nearly $950,000 was awarded to Bend Venture Conference companies, including $15,000 that BendBroadband Business gave to SnoPlanks, a Bend-based snowboard and longboard manufacturer.

Taking a page from the BVC, the Venture Out Festival looks to award $10,000 to one early-stage outdoor company and another $100,000 to a business in the outdoors industry that’s ready for significant growth. The Bend unConference is a last-minute opportunity for companies to earn a wild-card finalist spot in the BVC’s Early Stage competition sponsored by BendBroadband Business.

Bend Design Conference highlights the end of the month on Oct. 20-21. Now in its second year, Bend Design is a mix of tours, interactive workshops and hands-on exhibits throughout Bend.

Pick and choose the events you want to go to or buy The Ultimate Pass, which includes entry into The BendFilm Festival, Swivel Digital Marketing Conference, Bend Venture Conference and Bend Design!

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