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Local Bend News Station Highlights the Vault

The BendBroadband Vault was highlighted on the local news station KTVZ on Wednesday. The news channel’s recurring segment “Green Life” featured the Vault and highlighted some of the aspects of the facility that make it one of the greenest data centers in the world.

Most notably, news anchor Adam Aaro highlighted the Vault’s Kyoto Cooling system and talked with Vice President of Technical Operations Leonard Weitman about the benefits of the energy efficient system. Aaro also pointed out that the facility is now LEED Gold certified by the United States Green Building Council.  Additionally, KTVZ highlighted the Vault’s 624 solar panels as well as the pervious pavement and the company’s usage of renewable energy through Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program.

Though we are not able to share the video directly here, users can view the video in its entirety on’s web site by clicking on the image below.

Vault Segment on KTVZ

The Benefits of Virtualization

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