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Equip your business with TDS’ Dedicated Fiber Access

Equip your business with TDS’ Dedicated Fiber Access


Does your business suffer from inconsistent network speeds? 

Since the surge in remote work began in March 2020, the need for access to reliable servers has never been greater—and the success of your business depends on having a steadfast internet connection with speeds you can count on.

Shared network connections (DSL, Cable, Shared Fiber, Wireless, etc.) are the most common business internet connections due to their low cost and general availability. They are typically used by small businesses with low network performance and reliability needs.

For businesses that need more reliability, TDS offers Dedicated Fiber Access (DFA) and Metro Ethernet products that will always meet your needs—even during peak usage times. Here are some of the main reasons to upgrade your business to DFA or Metro Ethernet:

DFA and Metro Ethernet connections are as dependable as it gets

As the name indicates, dedicated fiber is a private connection between the TDS network and your business. On the other hand, shared network subscribers share bandwidth with other customers on the same network. Because each network has a finite amount of bandwidth, these subscribers are subject to network congestion, connectivity issues, inconsistent speeds, VPN connectivity problems, and various performance issues like high latency and jitter.

While certain small businesses may be able to get by on cheaper “best effort” services, dedicated fiber is a must for businesses that depend on highly reliable internet for crucial functions like large file transfers, inventory management systems, web servers, e-commerce, cloud-based applications, point-of-sale (POS) systems, or video streaming.

It’s also worth noting that this competition for bandwidth extends beyond internet users on your street—you are also competing for bandwidth with people throughout your city.

With 99.99% uptime, you get what you pay for

Internet uptime is a massive factor in productivity and profitability, and it’s the reason why more and more businesses are investing in dedicated fiber. With TDS dedicated fiber, our 99.99% uptime service level agreements guarantee that you will always enjoy ultra-fast speeds—even during peak usage times.

New ways of doing business demands more from your network

A dangerous misconception for large organizations is that, with less employees in the office than in previous years, investing in reliable internet is no longer a priority. In reality, the network demands of remote workers are an important factor for your organization to consider when determining its broadband needs.

Many organizations use a virtual private network (VPN) to allow remote employees to securely connect to the company’s internal network. If your business’ core network isn’t strong or reliable, unpredictable bottlenecks can prevent your employees from accessing the VPN servers. In other words, they may not be able to do their jobs.

A dedicated connection will ensure that your workforce can always access the core network.

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Many internet providers focus on download speeds, but equally fast upload speeds are crucial in today’s remote environment which emphasizes cloud-based services and video conferencing. Dedicated fiber will always provide symmetrical upload and download speeds.

With a constant fiber connection that belongs to your business alone, you can access the cloud instantly. This is perfect for companies that rely on large-scale online backups, customer relationship management tools, enterprise resource planning, electronic health records, or business intelligence software.

Scalable to your business

To satisfy your business’ evolving needs, DFA gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your broadband resources—from 50Mbps all the way up to 10Gig.

Unmatched customer support

Supported by TDS’ Advanced Technical Support and Advanced Business Support teams, our dedicated fiber customers receive the highest level of customer support within the TDS repair organization.

Interested in DFA or Metro Ethernet? Fill out this form and our trained professionals will get you a quote in no time!

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