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Video: Q&A with BVC Early Stage Award finalist AirFit


The Bend Venture Conference, hosted by EDCO, is the largest angel conference in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also happening Oct. 15-16 at Bend’s Tower Theatre, where five finalists for the BendBroadband Early Stage Award will compete for a $15,000 prize that we’re proud to fund!

In an effort to get to know the five finalists better, we caught up with each one and asked them a couple of questions. Here are those questions, along with answers from Ty Manegold and Cynthia Sandall of AirFit:

Here’s what AirFit told us last month about the company and how it would spend the $15,000 if it wins the BendBroadband Early Stage Award:

The business: Placing gym and shower facilities in airports, located behind security, so passengers can board their next flight feeling happy, healthy, productive and refreshed.

How Airfit would spend the $15,000: Lease acquisition and legal fees with the first location at JFK Terminal 4 in 4-5 months.