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Getting to Know the BVC Early Stage Finalists

Getting to Know the BVC Early Stage Finalists

Last week, EDCO announced the 10 finalists vying for the $15,000 BendBroadband Early Stage Award. Each of these companies is getting ready to deliver a fast, three-minute pitch at the September 24th PubTalk, when five will be chosen to present at The Tower Theatre on October 16th.

We asked the finalists how they would spend the $15,000 cash prize, should they win. Here’s a snapshot of the 10 Central Oregon companies and an insight into how they would use the investment to grow their early stage business.

PubTalk Winners 2014
PubTalk Winners 2014


The business: Placing gym and shower facilities in airports, located behind security, so passengers can board their next flight feeling happy, healthy, productive and refreshed.

How Airfit would spend the $15,000: Lease acquisition and legal fees with the first location at JFK Terminal 4 in 4-5 months.

Find out more at: www.airfit.us

EZ Local Eats

The business: A mobile app that allows food carts to streamline operations in “real time” and maximize “peak hour” profits by improving the order management process.

How EZ Local Eats would spend the $15,000: Help to pay for their website, sales and social media advocacy. From a development perspective, their main need is in mobile application development and mobile UX/UI design.


The business: A cooking competition app for iPhone that is a fun, interactive home version of popular culinary competition shows like Chopped or Top Chef that you play in real-life with friends.

How Foodfu would spend the $15,000: New app features and promoting Foodfu so it can gain exposure and traction in the market.

Find out more at: www.FoodFuApp.com

Gofer, Inc

The business: Building a scalable mobile app connecting billions of cubic feet of available vehicle cargo volume with consumers and merchants worldwide.

How Gofer, Inc would spend the $15,000: Early app development and business related expenses.

Find out more at: www.gofer.world


The business: The “Trip Advisor” of cannabis. A video intensive website providing reviews of cannabis strains, products and edibles aimed to encourage users to provide their own reviews to the community.

How HerbAdvisors.com would spend the $15,000: Marketing and web development.

Find out more at: herbadvisors.com

Outdoor Logic – Solutions

The business: Developing products that make participating in outdoor activities easier, including the development of a prototype-ready ski and snowboard boot remove, the “DeBooter”.

How Outdoor Logic – Solutions would spend the $15,000: Paying for part of the tooling costs for the injection molds for the “DeBooter”.


The business: The Quakewarn Network detects earthquakes and sends alerts to subscribers before the shaking arrives at their location.

How Quakewarn would spend the $15,000: Continuing the software development as well as producing additional seismic sensors, with initial focus of placing those sensors along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Remaining money would be used for marketing purposes.

Find out more at: www.quakewarn.com


The business: A peer-to-peer online marketplace connecting adventure travelers with local outdoor enthusiasts for customized adventures.

How Radventure would spend $15,000: User interface product development and customer acquisition costs.

Find out more at: www.GoRadventure.com


The business: Manufacturer of high end bamboo snowboards and skis handcrafted in Bend, Oregon.

How SnoPlanks would spend $15,000: Equipment to increase production allowing them to bring on larger clients and grow the workforce.

Find out more at: www.snoplanks.com


The business: Maker of the StaBallizer core training and gaming system – making exercise more effective, efficient and fun.

How StaBallizer would spend $15,000: Social media marketing.

Find out more at: www.staballizer.com

Brian Vierra, Venture Catalyst, EDCO

“The 10 Early Stage finalists are diverse, representing a variety of industries including outdoor recreation, consumer products and high-tech,” said Brian Vierra, Venture Catalyst for EDCO. “With real, tangible products, prototypes, and solutions, this year’s vote is going to be tough.”

EDCO has doubled its capacity at McMenamins in Bend for this special PubTalk. Networking begins at 5 p.m. and the program kicks off at 5.45.p.m. If you would like to be part of the voting audience, you can purchase a ticket and find out more about the Pubtalk here.

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