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Video: Q&A with BVC Early Stage Award finalist QuakeWarn


The Bend Venture Conference, hosted by EDCO, is the largest angel conference in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also happening Oct. 15-16 at Bend’s Tower Theatre, where five finalists for the BendBroadband Early Stage Award will compete for a $15,000 prize that we’re proud to fund!

In an effort to get to know the five finalists better, we caught up with each one and asked them a couple of questions. Here are those questions, along with answers from Dan Dawson of QuakeWarn:

Here’s what QuakeWarn told us last month about the company and how it would spend the $15,000 if it wins the BendBroadband Early Stage Award:

The business: The Quakewarn Network detects earthquakes and sends alerts to subscribers before the shaking arrives at their location.

How Quakewarn would spend the $15,000: Continuing the software development as well as producing additional seismic sensors, with initial focus of placing those sensors along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Remaining money would be used for marketing purposes.