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Top 5 telecom considerations before you move

Photo courtesy of Flickr user kafka4prez
Photo courtesy of Flickr user kafka4prez

Moving or relocating your business can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole proprietor or an enterprise business with hundreds of employees. Not only do you have to manage all the business operational changes of the move but the communications as well.

During your move you will have to arrange for the safe and secure relocation of your entire IT infrastructure, business phone system, and reconnection of all computers and equipment. For most organizations, communications is a critical element for running a business. Without the proper re-connection of all business communication elements a business can fail. If your business communications is lacking proper installation, how are you going to reach your customers and conversely, how are your customers going to reach you?

Here are the top five things you must consider before moving your communications systems:

1. When to begin planning
Now is a great time to take inventory of what you have and what is needed for the new location. Get rid of what you don’t need and plan for what the future may hold. Consider things like growth within the organization, new markets, mergers and/or acquisition. Establishing a budget is a good benchmark for proper planning.

2. Connectivity
Maintaining your connection will involve several moving parts. Evaluate the infrastructure at the new location to ensure it can support your communication platform – this could involve structural changes, updated cable installation, and confirming the availability of carrier services most of which is address driven.Coordinate the installation of phone and Internet service and required equipment at the new location. You should also coordinate the redirection of the services with your carrier (ie, Number Portability) – such redirection needs to be planned well in advance to ensure the carrier can complete it and you can avoid down time. Consider canceling services you wish to leave behind to eliminate any unnecessary costs.

The best way to ensure a successful move is to engage with a telecom solutions provider as early as possible in the process. Even if you decide to only move your existing services and equipment, proper preparation will ensure a smooth transition.

3. Power
Power is obviously a hugely important factor for your business. This has an impact on the power facilities that need to be considered for your new location. Items such as UPS specifications and facilities for redundant power will need to be considered. In instance of extended power outages or interruptions it needs to be easy, efficient and effective to power your site.

4. Disaster recovery
Mother nature, virus, or human error can all cause a business to lose data. Have you thought about the impact on your business if you lost all your data? Have a plan to minimize your risk. It might be time to consider a move to the “Cloud.”

5. Use telecom consultants and IT professionals to manage steps 1-4
Think of us as your free employees. Telecom consultants are very familiar with the logistical and technical aspects of handling your move. We can help to make your move a smooth transition and migration of your IT and Telecom services to the new location.

If you are a business owner with a relocation on the horizon, get in touch with BendBroadband Business Services today so we can help you ensure your telecommunications transition is smooth.

This post was written by Charles Borrell.

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