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Dear Tech Ali: TV at Work?


Dear Tech Ali,

My employees watched a lot of college basketball during March Madness. It made me wonder if I should have a TV at work. Are there any legitimate business reasons to have a TV at my company?

You bet there are! Everyone expects a TV in bars and restaurants, but having a TV at other work environment makes good sense. It shows your company’s value for innovation and its concern for providing employee incentives. A TV entertains at break and meal times, boosts employee morale, reduces the perceived length of wait times in waiting rooms, and gives lobbies a more polished, cosmopolitan atmosphere. In some cases, your TV may even be a tax deductible business expense!

Employee Morale

TV service in the breakroom helps lighten the mood and spark conversation. It’s that extra amenity that helps people feel like they can relax for a half an hour each day. A recent study by OfficeTeam showed that 48 percent of employees spend less than 30 minutes on a lunch break, and 29 percent of employees work during whatever lunch break they take. Whatever employers can do to encourage employees to leave their desks for 30 minutes is essential to the success of a company, and a TV may do just that.

Waiting Room Time Flies By

We all know how a TV can make a big difference in perceived waiting time. Any of us who frequent a gym are thankful for TV when it’s time for 30 minutes on a treadmill! Five minutes of watching a TV show or the news feels like a much shorter waiting time than five minutes of flipping through wrinkled magazines. It also helps keep children calm (which in turn keeps the parents calm!)

Lobbies Seem More Cosmopolitan

A TV is an easy way to enhance a lobby or common area, making it appear more upscale and relevant to customers and employees. Invest in the first impression your company gives visitors, potential employees, and customers with a beautiful widescreen TV. If you’re worried about the added volume disrupting your customers, you can mute the sound or tune to a music-only channel.

Keeping Current with Breaking News

News travels fast and having a TV is one way to stay current with weather and news. Events impact your business for better or worse, and being “in the know” benefits your employees and customers. Will inclement weather require an early close? Will a tragic event require a response from management? A TV helps staff gain better control of information and share it with others in a timely manner.


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