email Log In has changed

If you visit to log in to your BendBroadband email, you’ve probably noticed the top of the page has been redesigned! It’s now sleeker and less cluttered.

Part of the redesign included adding a new envelope icon. This is what you’ll now click to access your email inbox. You’ll be prompted to enter your User Name and password, like always.

To get to your BendBroadband Online Account, (where you can pay your bill, add users, modify account settings, etc.), you should click the Account Login/Sign Up button.

In addition, you’ll notice that the TV & Movies link (to access TV Everywhere programming) has moved to below the search bar!

TDS TV+ is Your Smarter Way to TV

TDS TV+ is Your Smarter Way to TV

Love live TV? Netflix* nuts? Then TDS TV®+, BendBroadband’s newest TV service, has it all for you. Powered by TiVo®, TDS TV+ brings more of what you crave, spanning live TV to popular streaming apps, into one place. TDS TV+ customers will experience the simplicity of integration plus intelligence: Complete integration: Avoid input switching and… Continue Reading

BendBroadband negotiating with NFL Network and Redzone

Channel Negotiation Notification: BendBroadband is currently negotiating with NFL Network to continue broadcasting the following channels: NFL Network on channel 42 and channel 642/HD NFL RedZone on channel 557/HD Customers in Madras this applies NFL Network on channel 254 and channel 154/HD If an agreement isn’t reached, these channels may go dark/be removed from the… Continue Reading

Tips for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

We’ve all been subjected to hearing someone else’s conversation while on a bus, train, plane, or in public spaces. Speaking on a cell phone makes some of us forget our manners. Held each July, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month encourages us to evaluate our cellular habits and consider others before we reach for our phone. The… Continue Reading

Donating in difficult times

These days, there are just so many reasons why people want to do to something to help, to make a difference, to take action. In addition to volunteering or putting their feet to the pavement, lots of people are putting their hands in their wallets to try to make an impact. Once again, though, scammers… Continue Reading

What do COVID-19 scams look like in Oregon

We’ve been telling you about the scams related to COVID-19. But now we can tell you even more about the scams happening in your neck of the woods. Just today, the FTC released state-specific data on COVID-19-related issues, which you can check out with just a few clicks of your mouse. With user-friendly features, the… Continue Reading

Tips to keep your office desk area clean

When people think of dirty or unsanitary places, an office space might not be one of the first things that come to mind. However, office spaces can build up a lot of germs and bacteria especially if you have a high number of workers in an area. In fact, statistics about unclean work places can… Continue Reading