Trevor McCreery Wins 3rd Telly Award

Thirty-year-old Trevor McCreery will have you believe he is a normal guy from Central Oregon, a family man who is more comfortable behind than in front of the camera—but don’t buy it. His quiet demeanor and casual dress are merely guises. This man is leading some of the most creative video projects in our region.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with him on a commercial production project, you will understand how he earned the title Zolo Media Creative Services Manager, and why he was recently awarded his 3rd Telly Award.

Now in its 31st year, the Telly Awards annually showcase the world’s best videos. The Tellys receive more than 11,000 entries each year, with fewer than 25% of the applicants earning bronze recognition.

McCreery won his award in the commercial production category for his work on BendBroadband’s “Fastest and Furriest” commercial. His responsibilities included both pre- and postproduction. In 2008, McCreery won a bronze Telly Award for “Get Outdoors with Bob Woodward” and a silver Telly Award, the Telly’s highest honor, for BendBroadband’s “Talk of the Town” on COTV11.

Like many successful artists, McCreery did not pursue a college degree; instead he perfected his craft through years of practice.  “I’m just passionate about video,” he explains. “I like to watch TV and movies and try to apply what they are doing to my projects.” He received an introduction to video production at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia, which he attended for a single year. His professional career began at Zolo Media when he was hired as an assistant director for COTV’s Good Morning Central Oregon.

McCreery says his dream job would be making music videos, and in his free time he does just that through his side business, Lauki Studio. He recently produced a video for local musician Chris Beland for his song, “We Know it’s True.” The video reflects the romantic hue of the song, with color filters and vintage film effects that compliment the reflective lyrics in the song.

Chris Beland : We Know It’s True from Lauki Studio on Vimeo.

Other notable projects McCreery has produced include the IMAG screen production for the I Heart Central Oregon concert and the first HD commercial BendBroadband produced, “Blowing In the Wind.”



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