Eric Says ‘Get to Know the Help and Support Website’

We are proud to employ over 250 of your fellow Central Oregonians and over the next few months we will highlight a few of them on our blog. Each post will tell you a little bit about each person along with a tip or two that will help you get the best experience from your Bendbroadband service.

Up first we would like to introduce you to Eric Ramirez. Eric is a bilingual Customer Care Representative and has worked for Bendbroadband for over two years. He came to Bend about four years ago from Paramount, California because of the great community and amazing surroundings! When Eric isn’t at work he enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as one-upping those who would even dare challenge him on an Xbox. One of the best parts about working at Bendbroadband in his eyes is the friendly, family like environment as well as the awesome benefits that all Bendbroadband employees receive.


Eric’s tip:

“Familiarize yourself with the Bendbroadband help and support website. On the help and support site you will find answers to common questions about your cable, Internet and phone service. Need help setting up your Bendbroadband email address on your mobile device? Need help setting up your voicemail or call forwarding? No problem, these and many other questions are answered on the help and support pages! You can also rate the information so we know if it helped you.”



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