Project Updates: Sunriver Area Customers

You can read the latest updates on the transition progress from Chamber’s Cable to BendBroadband services in the October issue of the Sunriver Scene,  a monthly newsletter created by the Sunriver Owners’ Association.

Highlights of the updates:

Late August: BendBroadband acquired Chambers Cable System


  • Reduced installation time from 15 days to 1 day
  • Reduced wait time for home service visits from several days to 1 day
  • Equipment upgrades to the cable system, which improved Internet speeds and stability and better quality video


  • Plan and design of cable network for all-digital TV service

Starting in November, and for five months thereafter, BendBroadband will meet with customers to get each house ready for the upgrade to BendBroadband services. The preparation includes:

  • Certify cable signal quality in each house
  •  Customers select digital set top box  and review options for all-digital channel line-ups
Late 2012:
  • Conversion from Chambers Cable  to BendBroadband billing system. Customers will receive a “how to read my statement” notice with their first BendBroadband bill.


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