Conversion of Sunriver customer accounts to the BendBroadband billing system is complete!

Early on the morning of October 24th, BendBroadband converted all Sunriver customer accounts into our BendBroadband billing and operational systems. We thank Chambers Cable for their help with billing over the past three months. As part of this conversion cable TV equipment located at our Sunriver headend facility was upgraded and set top box firmware was updated to the current version. Signal levels in the cable plant were optimized.

As a result of these combined actions, customers will now experience the following benefits:

  • Both analog and digital channel picture quality have been improved
  • You’ll have direct access to our Bend based call center and installation/service teams, allowing for faster response time. The Sunriver office remains open through the completion of the upgrade next summer. If the Sunriver employees are busy, your call will automatically transfer to our Bend call center.
  • We think you’ll like our easy to read and understand monthly statements.

This was a complex undertaking and several minor technical issues arose following the conversion. If you were affected, please accept our apology. Here’s a list of the known issues and recommended action:

  • A small number of digital customers are experiencing set top box related issues. If you are affected, please call us so we can trouble shoot this with you.
  • A small number of Internet customers were impacted when we reset the signal levels in some nodes. If you were affected please call us so we can arrange to send a technician to check your cable outlets.
  • The QAM channel numbers for the HD broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Telemundo, OPB and OPB Plus) were unexpectedly changed during the conversion. This will be corrected during the maintenance window between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 am the morning of October 26th and the original channel numbers will be reinstated. To watch any of these networks today, October 25th, use your TV’s scanning feature to locate the temporary channel number – you will then need to rescan on the 26th.
  • As required by our network programming contracts we have encrypted several HD cable networks that were previously being sent out unencrypted in the Chambers system. The affected networks are Travel, Outdoor Channel, Golf, Root and Bravo. These channels are already included in the package “Digital Basic with HD” and are viewed using an HD set top box. The HD channels for local broadcast networks will remain unencrypted at this time and can be received by both “Limited” and “Basic” cable TV package customers via a HD QAM tuner TV without a set top box.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete this major integration and cable system upgrade. In the near future we will move into the all-digital conversion phase of the project. We will be contacting cable TV customers to discuss your service options and to set up a service visit to install set top boxes and certify the cable signal quality in your home or business.

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