Cable Network Negotiations

Our agreements with a number of cable networks are expiring at the end of 2012.  BendBroadband is either directly involved in or represented by our partner, the National Cable Cooperative (NCTC) in negotiations with NBC Universal, Fox Cable Networks, A&E Networks and Root Sports for renewal of their respective agreements.

In some cases, in return for the continued right to offer their channels, the networks are seeking annual rate increases, changes in carriage level (the package in which BendBroadband carries the network) and/or requiring that we launch additional existing networks or new networks.

Please rest assured that we and the NCTC are working hard to negotiate the best possible terms.  Please remember that the monies paid to cable TV networks are our single largest expense and are directly reflected in the price cable TV customers pay for service.  As always in determining whether to continue carrying a network we carefully weigh the required contract terms and the cost to our customers against the value of the programming as measured by viewership. We continue to fight for more choice so that customers can chose the cable offering and price level that meets their needs.

If you have questions or would like to provide us with feedback, feel free to post below or fill out our feedback form online.

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