Exploring 5 Phone Features

If you are a BendBroadband phone customer, you probably received the message that we upgraded our phone system this year. All residences with a single phone line have been upgraded, and those with multiple phone lines will be converted soon.

If you have already been upgraded, are  you taking advantage of the new features? You now have access to all of your phone’s settings online in the My Phone Manager portal. If you haven’t logged in and taken a peak at the new options, maybe a list of five cool new features of the phone system will entice you to make the most of the upgrade:


1. Online Time Scheduling:

Time scheduling enables you to set certain times to be available for incoming calls, similar to a business phone that has certain hours of operation, then the call is forwarded to voicemail or a call center. You could use this feature to program your home phone to forward calls  to your cell phone from 8 am-5 pm while you are at work.

2. Call Forwarding No Answer:

This feature allows you to forward all of your incoming calls to another number when you do not answer the phone. This differs from “call forwarding always” by the phone ringing multiple times prior to the call being forwarded.

3. Turn Voicemail On/Off Online

You can control whether you want the voicemail system to pick up the phone or not. This can be useful function when you want all your calls to go to an answering machine at the house. By default this is already activated for you.

4. Dial *86

Access your voicemail box from home without needing a passcode. Just dial *86 from your Home Phone. New messages will begin to play and a menu of options will help you navigate through the menu options.

5. Control Everything Online

Enough said. Your phone settings and activity is now available anytime, anywhere by logging in to the My Phone Manager Portal.

Want help with the new phone features? Start here.

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