Home Theater—Building the Right Setting

Home Theater—Building the Right Setting

The popcorn is ready–gourmet, of course!  The beverage of choice is chilled and worthy.  You are now ready to watch the latest epic on your home theater system.  Or are you?

If you are daydreaming of a man-cave or a better home entertainment set-up, there are a few things to consider.

Is your system optimized?  Are your surroundings sufficiently supportive?  Are you getting the most out of your home theater experience?

Brandon Hadley of Central Oregon Audio Video, a division of Quality Builder Electric, offers the following five tips to help you build a home theater setting that can create a seamless, memorable experience.

  • When designing a home theater, avoid a room that is square (e.g., 12’x12’ or 16’x16’). Square rooms enhance audio issues such as standing waves, frequencies that are amplified twice as loud close to the walls and cancelled out completely in the center of the room.
  • Plan for the future. Running flexible conduit from the equipment to the TV is a great idea. When you add a new piece of equipment, a path to the output device – the TV –  is already in place.
  • When building a new home, run networking to every potential television location.  That way, you’ll rarely encounter a buffering problem – a potential nuisance if you have to employ WiFi – when you stream content to your home theater.
  • Invest some money in your system controller. The ease of using a thoughtfully designed all-in-one remote control, rather than several independent units, can make the difference between satisfaction and  “what a waste of our hard-earned money.”
  • If you decide to hire someone to help you facilitate your home theater, ask satisfied friends or neighbors for referrals. Find a qualified, bonded, certified professional. Nothing is worse than spending money with someone who, when finished, does not support the system or their work.

Enjoy the show!

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