Password Safety Tips

Password Safety Tips

We live in a digitized world. Paying bills, checking your bank account, and socializing used to be done in safe, private settings. Today we  hop onto the Internet to manage social networking, apply for jobs or pay bills. To be safe, you need to protect your personal information with secure passwords.

BendBroadband’s Information Security Officer, Matt Shaffer, explains: “The length of the password is currently more important than the complexity. The majority of password-cracking software can break an eight-character passwords within minutes.”

In recent attacks on the professional networking site LinkedIn and dating site eHarmony, it was revealed that a large number of account holders were managing their most personal information using insufficiently safe passwords. Strange as it may seem, people were safeguarding their personal lives with passwords such as “abc123,” “eharmony,” or just “password.”

“One of the best ways to be safe in today’s insecure environment is to think about passwords as passphrases,” says Shaffer. “If the site that you’re doing business with allows you to create long passwords, the best safety tip is to create a passphrase.”

A passphrase, says Shaffer, could be a random set of words that only makes sense to you. An example would be “JacketFishHat.” Many websites dictate that you use a combination of digits and upper- and lower-case characters to make it harder for someone to guess your password. The previous example could be adapted to that requirement like this:  “Jacket3Fish2Hat1.”

Shaffer has put together his five top tips to keep your personal business your own. Click here to learn more.

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