Homegrown Sensations

Homegrown Sensations

Grammy Week in Central Oregon gave viewers a perfect window into some remarkable homegrown entertainment.

Spotlighting local and national artists, “myWindow with Kristi Miller” delivered live music and fun each day.

The soulful Kim Kelley and the mesmerizing Franchot Tone graced our stage. Multi-platinum recording artist Shannon Bex displayed her trademark glamor, grace and resonance when she performed her new hit single, “I’m a Woman.” The series concluded with an appearance by the amusing Bend native Lonnie Chapin, who won a Grammy Award as a member of the Christian rock band Petra.

Did you miss any of the live shows? We have a montage of Grammy Week’s best entertainment moments below. To see a full episode, check out KBNZ FREE on Demand.



Put yourself in the best seat in the house with more great entertainment and information coming up on “myWindow,” including drum lessons from jazz legend Mel Brown, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” prize packages from Kristi, the scoop on Bend, and Women & Beer.

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