Tricky Business: Chasing the Tech Curve

Tricky Business: Chasing the Tech Curve

Keeping up on the latest technology can be tricky. Your brand-new phone is considered old technology in six months, the computer you just bought is ancient after a couple of years, and don’t even talk about the TV set at home.

Staying ahead of the technology curve is a matter of keeping yourself educated and in tune with the market. Whatever your particular interest, you can find many great sources on the Internet that cover a wide array of technologies.

We asked a few BendBroadband staff members to share their favorite tech sites with us. The list is as varied as the people we asked.

Josh Curley is BendBroadband’s technical support, learning & development coordinator:

“Working in the cable industry, and more importantly for an Internet service provider, requires you to keep up on the latest technology. When I need to get up to speed with what is going on in the cable industry, I usually check out It’s a great site for anyone who is interested in the future of the cable industry.

“Another site I like to check out is – which stands for ‘Boy Genius Report.’ This site keeps me up to date on new things that are coming from some of the big companies like Apple, Motorola and Google. The site keeps up on the rumors of what device is on its way into production, where the big companies are going, or who is buying whom.

“I also check out on an ongoing basis. This site is very similar to the ‘Boy Genius Report’ in that it has updates on what changes are coming in the technology world.”

Shelby Little is a Marketing Production Specialist whose specialty is digital media. She suggests the following sites:

“The main site I follow for social media updates is I also participate in LinkedIn groups and Twitter conversations for the best intel.”

Matt Pugerude is director and editor for BendBroadband’s COTV. He follows camera tech and post-production sites and blogs.

Shane Hurlbut Blog: Shane Hurlbut is a director of photography for feature films. He loves cutting-edge camera tech and shares the latest news on his blog.  The best part about his blog is that he realizes that not everyone will be working with a huge crew, so his team give great tips on how to get the same look on an DIY budget.

MacRumors: I really like Mac Rumors because they bring all the latest Mac gossip into one place. I can quickly scan when the next Mac Pro is coming out or what people are saying about the upcoming iPhone.

AppleInsider: I use AppleInsider for the same reason I follow Mac Rumors. The two sites have the same stories but with a little different take on the products or the software coming out.”

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