Call us to Keep Your HD Broadcast Channels

On March 20th BendBroadband will launch “Basic Tier Encryption” throughout our cable system.  As part of this effort, the four HD broadcast channels will be encrypted (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox).  We will also be encrypting all standard definition digital channels contained in the Limited cable TV package.

If you live in Sunriver and view any of the four broadcast networks in HD today using a QAM Tuner TV with a direct cable input you will need to add an HD set top box to that TV prior to March 20th to continue receiving the HD signals.  You will also need a set top box to view any of the Limited package channels in standard definition digital format.

To obtain a digital set top box, simply give us a call us to schedule your home certification appointment. 541.312.7228.  While we’re performing the certification we will upgrade your cable TV service to our new Sunriver all-digital lineup and ensure you have a set top box on every TV.

We have special offers on set top box rental for all of our Sunriver Analog Cable TV customers and our Customer Care staff will assist you with understanding your set top box and cable TV choices.

As part of the transition to the full suite of BendBroadband services this summer, every home must be certified this spring.

Read more about home certification.

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