Get the most out of your Internet connection

Get the most out of your Internet connection

SRFasterWe’re upgrading nearly every length of cable and piece of equipment in Sunriver, and at the end of June we’ll be switching over to the new network.

It will deliver more than twice the speed and bandwidth of the old one, with better reliability. Will your wiring and equipment be ready to take advantage of the improved network?

Schedule a free* home certification to find out by calling 541.312.7228. A BendBroadband technician will test your home’s wiring and cable outlets to make sure they’re compatible with the improved network. If they are, you’ll be able to upgrade to higher speeds right away. If they’re not, we’ll repair your wiring and offer an upgraded modem (to rent or purchase). Call to schedule your appointment today.

*Additional charges may apply if one or more cable outlets is replaced. Customer may opt to sign up for our Wire Protection Plan.

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