Expect Mail Delays

Expect Mail Delays

If you are mailing your payments to BendBroadband, please allow extra time for delivery.

Mail is no longer sorted at the U.S. Postal Service’s main office in Bend. Instead, mail is transported to Portland for sorting and then sent back to Bend, and that has implications for mail delivery in Central Oregon. In some cases it can take up to three days to send mail, even if it’s just going across town.

The same thing goes if you use an online bill-paying system in which your bank issues a check and sends it via the mail.

BendBroadband offers several time-saving services that allow you to stop worrying about sending your check through the mail. With BendBroadband Online Bill Pay, you can pay directly from your bank account or choose to automatically pay your bill with a credit card. Both services are free.

And if you’re in a pinch, you can always stop by our offices or call in with your credit card information.

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