Understanding changes included in this month’s statement

With the July 30 transition to BendBroadband cable TV and high speed Internet service packages, Sunriver customers will see prorated charges and credits on this month’s statement.

Prorates occur whenever a change in service package occurs in the middle of a billing cycle. You will see a line item charge for the old service package and then a credit for the portion of the billing period that occurred after July 30. There will be a second charge for the period after July 30, which reflects the new packages.

For example, if your billing cycle is July 15 to August 14, you will be be credited for July 31–August 14, and then charged the new package rates for the same time period.

Please note there were minor differences in price between the interim Sunriver service packages which ended on July 30 and the respective BendBroadband packages, so your statement total will vary from the prior month’s billing.

Your next bill will reflect charges for a full month with your new packages.

If you have any questions about your statement, please contact our Customer Care team at 541.382.5551.  We hope you enjoy your new BendBroadband services.

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