October billing change: Internet Usage Allowances

Sunriver customers will be billed for exceeding Internet usage allowances for the first time in October.

Starting with October statements, Sunriver customers will see a per Gb charge if they exceed their Internet usage allowance.  The October statement will contain usage for the month of September. Only a small percentage of customers exceed the monthly allowance.  BendBroadband provides two methods to monitor usage: customers can sign up for email alerts and view actual usage at any time via the BendBroadband website.

The amount of bandwidth consumed is the key driver of capacity cost for an Internet provider.  Recognizing this BendBroadband instituted bandwidth usage allowances about 5 years ago.  As with many things in life, we believe that those who use considerably more of a service than the average customer should contribute more towards the cost of that service.  Each of BendBroadband’s Internet packages includes a monthly Internet bandwidth usage allowance expressed in Gigabytes or Gb. Usage is measured on a calendar month basis and the amount used appears on the following month’s statement.  Customers that need additional bandwidth can purchase it on a per Gb basis or with a discounted package.  In order to familiarize customers with their actual usage, we have reported the actual Gb used on bills for the past several months, with no charges for overages.




For more information, please read the FAQs on our Help and Support website or contact our Customer Care team.

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