Bend 2030 and Leadership Alliance

Bend 2030 and Leadership Alliance

The Bend 2030 Vision was developed and adopted in 2006. In 2011, more than 90 percent of the action items from the original Bend 2030 vision were under way or complete. In 2012, more than 1,500 participants identified 21 vision accelerator projects, allowing Bend 2030 to more strategically home in on the community’s vision for the future.

BendBroadband, along with the city of Bend and the Bend Park & Recreation District, was an early funder of Bend 2030, championing the idea that local businesses should have a stake in community development.

On Dec. 12, Bend 2030 announced that BendBroadband is anchoring an informal alliance of key community organizations, the Bend 2030 Leadership Alliance, which has raised $50,000 for a Bend 2030 seed fund.

“As a local family-owned business, BendBroadband has seen many changes in the community over the past 50 years,” said Sonja Donohue, BendBroadband’s community liaison and one of the visionaries of the Leadership Alliance. “We hope other businesses will join us in supporting Bend 2030’s vision for a positive, sustainable future for our region.”

Ten local organizations have each committed $5,000 to the seed fund. They are BendBroadband, Bend Park & Recreation District, Brooks Resources, Central Oregon Community College, the city of Bend, Deschutes Brewery, The Garner Group/NorthWest Crossing/Sunwest Builders, Oregon State University-Cascades, St. Charles Health System and U.S. Bank (Central and Eastern Oregon Region).

The funds allow Bend 2030 to hire a part-time project manager to provide support for the following:

  • An updated Bend 2030 website, regular social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter), and bi-monthly Bend 2030 newsletters to citizens, lead partners and volunteers.
  • Regular board presentations to civic clubs such as Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, as well as updates to the Bend City Council, Bend Park and Recreation District and other agencies.
  • Bi-annual Bend 2030 Town Halls, informal presentations on current initiatives, citizen engagement initiatives and coordination of feedback from lead partners.
  • Bi-annual Bend 2030 Leadership Alliance round table discussions that invite comment and direction from Leadership Alliance representatives and providing updates on key initiatives.
  • Tracking and accounting of Vision Accelerators—the 21 broad initiatives that comprise the Bend 2030 Vision, capturing regular updates from board members.

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