2014 Video Price Increase

Why the Price Increase?

Each year we negotiate with several television networks to provide the best value in TV programming. We participate with other cable companies in a co-op buying group to amplify our buying power and get the best prices we can.

Despite the determined efforts of all video service providers, programmers and TV networks have once again imposed substantial fee increases on all cable and satellite providers. DirecTV, Dish, and nearly every cable operator in the nation will reluctantly raise prices for business and residential customers this year.

BendBroadband is not immune to this national struggle against programming cost inflation. This year, the cost of our carriage fees—these are the costs to BendBroadband to continue to broadcast channels to our customers—increased by sixteen percent.

We understand that a price increase, no matter how small, is frustrating. We also understand affordability can’t come at the expense of losing the channels you love. Therefore, this year, we’ve made several concessions in other areas of our business to offset the impact of surging programming costs.

We want to assure you that we are committed to the economic growth and prosperity of this region, which includes fighting cost increases and—when possible—absorbing some of those increases to bring you the best TV programming and technology possible.

For more information, see the FAQs here, or post a question below:

BendBroadband Video Price Increase FAQ 

This document is intended to help our customers understand the 2014 Video service price increase. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Q: How much will the increase be? Does it affect all packages?

A: Depending on which Cable TV package you have, your price will increase between 3% and 7%. Refer to the table below to identify all 2014 rates. We understand that any adjustment to your monthly statement, no matter how small, can cause concern.

2014 Video package prices

Limited $18.99
Family $31.99
Essentials $53.99
Preferred $62.99
Bronze 1 $7.00
Bronze 2 $4.50
Bronze 3 $3.50
HD Plus $8.99
Premium 1 $17.99
Premium 2 $16.99
Premium 3 $14.99
Starz $9.99

Q: When do the new prices go into effect?

A: The 2014 video prices go into effect with your March statement.

Q: Why is my TV bill going up again?

A: Each year we negotiate with several networks, trying to provide the best value in TV programming, while offering the quality TV programming our customers demand. It is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver on this objective. TV networks are imposing unprecedented fees on cable providers. This year, programmers have increased the costs for BendBroadband’s most popular Cable TV packages by more than sixteen percent.

Q: Why can’t I just drop the networks I don’t watch and keep my cable bill lower?

A: While “a la carte” pricing seems like a reasonable idea, programmers require that channels are bundled into tiers. Programmers say that the current model promotes more programming diversity as smaller less popular niche channels are able to survive because their costs are bundled with the more popular channels.

Q: What’s BendBroadband doing about the rising programmer fees?

A: BendBroadband endeavors to provide you with the best service and technology. We work hard to minimize any cost impacts to our services. To shield customers from the programmer fees, this year we will absorb about half of the programmer rate increases. In addition, BendBroadband advocates for customers. We are protecting our customers’ wallet when we negotiate with the networks. We are part of a national co-op of independent cable operators that negotiates with programmers for lower programming fees.

In June 2013, BendBroadband CEO Amy Tykeson testified before congress about the escalating costs of programming. A video of her testimony is here, starting at minute 35:00: http://democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/index.php?q=hearing/hearing-on-the-satellite-television-law-repeal-reauthorize-or-revise-subcommittee-on-communi

Unfortunately, in spite of these steps, it is increasingly difficult to keep programming costs in check.

Q: Where can I learn more about the factors influencing my rate increase?

A: There is a new resource, www.TVonmyside.com, that can help you understand the factors that contribute to your monthly Cable TV bill. The site also provides information on the relationship between cable TV providers and programmers.

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