We sold our wireless LTE Spectrum. How does that impact you?

WirelessLTEtowerFirst, the good news: For the vast majority of our customers, BendBroadband’s decision to sell its LTE spectrum doesn’t impact you at all. We will continue to deliver all our services from our cable network including, Internet, Wi-fi, phone, and cable TV.  Additionally, we will continue to serve business customers with our robust fiber network, datacenter and traditional cable services.

Only customers who are outside of our cable or fiber area and rely on the wireless LTE network for high-speed Internet and home phone services will need to find a new provider. In early February we contacted our LTE customers and shared the news of the spectrum sale.  If you did not hear from us, your services are unaffected by this transaction.

Why did we decide to sell our LTE Spectrum? BendBroadband purchased the LTE network about five years ago to provide LTE service to areas of Central Oregon that had few, if any, other options. At that time, other cable operators planned to enter the LTE business along with us. However, those plans never materialized and without additional participation, we were unable to operate the network as anticipated. As a result, we made the decision to sell the spectrum, and will be discontinuing our LTE Internet and phone service by July 25, 2014.

Additional information is available at www.bendbroadband.com/LTE.  If you have any questions as to whether or not your service is impacted by the wireless LTE spectrum sale, please give us a call at (541) 388-7700 and we will be happy to assist you.

Wireless LTE Spectrum Sale FAQs

Q: I heard BendBroadband is selling its wireless LTE network. Does that mean BendBroadband will no longer offer Internet and Wi-Fi?
A: No; there’s been some understandable confusion about this. For a majority of our customers, there will be no change at all. BendBroadband will continue to offer services via our cable network and fiber network including Wi-Fi, fiber connectivity for businesses, Internet, phone, cable TV and datacenter colocation. However, for the small group of customers who live outside our cable and fiber area and receive their Phone or Internet services via the LTE network, these customers will have to find a new provider.

Q: How do I know if I’m getting my Internet through LTE or cable?
A: The LTE network change only affects or our customers living in areas outside of our cable or fiber service. In February, we sent all our LTE customers emails and letters in the mail to notify them of the change of service. If you did not receive an email or a letter, you are most likely in our cable or fiber service area and you need not worry about this change.

Q: If I live in an area covered by BendBroadband’s cable service, does that mean I’m not affected?
A: If you receive your services from BendBroadband over cable, your Internet and Wi-Fi and any other services are supplied by cable and not wireless LTE, so you won’t be affected by this service change at all.

Q: If my business is in an area outside of BendBroadband’s cable service, such as Madras or LaPine, and I receive Internet, phone, or connectivity service through fiber, does this mean I will need to find a new provider?
A: Not at all. We will continue to serve all the businesses and organizations on our fiber network throughout Central Oregon, and even recently expanded capacity and redundancy within this network. The Broadband Technology Opportunity Project, or BTOP fiber build-out, is not related to the wireless LTE spectrum sale.

Q: Is BendBroadband giving up on wireless service?
A: No. We use wireless technology to deliver many of our services, such as community and residential Wi-Fi. Only a small number of customers located outside of our cable area who rely on the wireless LTE network will be affected. BendBroadband will also continue to offer services via our cable network including Wi-Fi, fiber services for businesses, Internet, phone, cable TV and datacenter colocation.

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