New Alpha guide features

New Alpha guide features

SayHelloAlphaSome new features are now available to users of the Alpha system.

The first is the ability to customize your main menu. The standard menu lists a number of options, including super ticker, photos, movies and games. You can now switch these off so they don’t appear in the menu list if you don’t use them. Simply go into the “Settings” option and select “Menu Customization.” Scroll through the list of menu selections and switch them on or off. You can also select the sort options to list menu items in ascending or descending order.

Another new feature enables you to set a reminder for an upcoming program you would like to watch. From the guide, go to the program you would like to remind yourself of and press the “Info” button on your remote. A menu will appear. Scroll down to “Set Reminder” and select. When the program is about to start, a reminder window will open on your TV screen and give you the option of tuning in to the program.

Finally, you’ll notice a change in the grid guide menu. Colors now provide a quick visual cue to program types. Movies are highlighted in purple, sports shows in green, news shows in blue and children’s programs in orange.

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