It’s Time to Rock

It’s Time to Rock

RockOnYou may have noticed the hard-rocking guitar riffs on BendBroadband’s new TV commercial. Shot in our Bend studio, the commercial features Jared Nelson Smith of the band Wilderness.

Smith and his band are based in Bend. Thanks to the Internet, they are hitting on all cylinders with their debut album, “Homeward from the Battle.”

The album is a testament to how technology is enhancing songwriting and the music industry today. Jared recorded the songs in Bend and then had the tracks mixed and mastered in Chicago. The Internet made it possible for Smith to review the mixes as they were created so he could give the producer input in near real-time.

“When I had the session tracks the way I wanted, and I had them edited the way I wanted them, I sent [the producer] a hard drive and he would be sending me the mixes over the Internet,” Smith says. “Being able to quickly get information back and forth to each other, across the country, was … hugely helpful.”

The launch of the new album is just the start of a long process that is managed via the Internet.

“We use the Internet in order to generate money and also to spread our music again over huge distances instantly,” Smith says. “We put it up online and people are able to purchase it there, which is also a really great way to see where your reach is going because you can see where people are buying it.”

Smith says the Internet is also a great tool for booking shows.

“If you can consider the business of a band, part of it is figuring out where the audience is and connecting with those people,” he says. “Or if you don’t have an audience there, how do you get to these places [and] connect with them?”

If you want to know more about Smith, Wilderness and how they use the Internet to perfect their performance,  check out and watch our interviews with Jared.

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