New Alpha Features, Remote

New Alpha Features, Remote


Alpha, our all-in-one home entertainment solution, has always delivered a state-of-the art experience. But a ton of new (free) features that automatically roll out in June will make it even better.

TV Roaming

With TV Roaming, you can pause a live program in one room and start it in another. Works with up to six media players throughout your house.

Menu Customization

Make Alpha yours. With Menu Customization, you can choose which options and apps show up in the Alpha menu and reorder them to your liking. De-clutter your menu and find the shows and movies you love faster than ever.


Never miss your favorite show again. Set a reminder for your show and have Alpha let you know when it’s coming on, or automatically switch the channel when the program starts.

Grid Coloration

The channel grid now features all-new colors to help you quickly and easily find programming. Children’s programming, sports and movies now have their own colors:

Orange – Kids

Blue – News

Green – Sports

Purple – Movies

Alpha Advanced Remote

 The new Alpha Advanced Remote features a full keyboard and can control up to four devices in your entertainment system. It also uses radio frequency which means you can control Alpha when it’s hidden away. The remote is available now for just $25. Call 541-382-5551.

About Alpha 

Alpha is TV, Wi-Fi and phone in one easy-to use, flexible package. With Alpha, you can record up to six shows at once. You can start a recording in one room and finish in another. Alpha features a crystal-clear guide so you can find the shows you want, when you want. Alpha is our most advanced home entertainment solution. For more info, visit:

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