2014 Tour de France: The Jerseys


The 101st Tour de France starts on July 5 (channel 27/627). Almost 200 riders will sprint away from the starting line in Leeds to embark on the grueling 3,664-kilometer (2276-mile) race. And it’s all about the jerseys. But what do the colors mean? This simple primer explains.

Yellow Jersey

The fastest rider in each stage is rewarded the yellow jersey. The final overall winner of the yellow jersey will take home €450,000 (roughly $609,660 as of June, 2014). That prize is typically split among the winner’s nine-man team.

Green Jersey

The green jersey goes to the rider who earns the most points during the race. Points are awarded to the riders who are the first to reach the end of a particular stage in the race, or a particular spot during the race. It was created to draw sprinters into the tour. The winner will collect €25,000 ($33,870 as of June, 2014).

Polka-dot Jersey

The polka-dot jersey goes to the best climber—the rider who wins the most points in the hill and mountain stages of the tour. The winner will collect €25,000 ($33,870 as of June, 2014)

White Jersey

The best young rider (25 or younger) gets the white jersey.

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