Alpha Advanced Remote launched

Alpha Advanced Remote launched

remote-bill-stufferAlpha, our all-in-one home entertainment solution, has always delivered a state-of-the-art experience. With the launch of our new cool Alpha remote, watching TV is easier than ever.

The new Alpha Advanced Remote features a full QWERTY keyboard that makes searching easier without the need to scroll through the program matrix. A built-in gyroscope turns off the keyboard when the remote is face down, so you can’t type on the keyboard accidentally.

The remote doubles as a universal remote. It can control up to four home entertainment devices, including TVs, surround-sound components and Blu-ray players.

Finally, the advanced Alpha remote uses radio frequency. That means that you can control your Alpha even when it’s tucked away in a cabinet or closet.

The remote is available now for only $24.99.

Read more about Alpha’s new features.


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