Updated Alpha Features

Updated Alpha Features

HelloAlphaIt has been three and a half years since BendBroadband launched the Alpha entertainment system, bringing TV, the Internet and communications into a single platform. Many of our customers have chosen Alpha for their homes, and we continue to receive positive feedback about the Alpha experience.

As with any good system, Alpha needs to keep up with the times. The system is regularly updated with new software features. Most of this happens automatically, so some of our Alpha customers have these features already but may not know they are there. This article is meant to highlight these new features.

Live TV roaming allows you to pause a live TV program in one room, move to another room, tune to the channel you were watching and restart from the place where you stopped the programming. Pausing recorded programs has been available since we launched, but being able to move from room to room with live TV is unique to Alpha. The function is really easy – just use the pause and play buttons on your remote.

The Setting reminders function allows you to set a reminder for a program that will be broadcast in the future. If you are watching your TV on a different channel when the reminder is set, a pop-up message will appear on your TV screen to remind you to tune to the program you wanted to watch. Setting the reminder is easy. Find the program you want to watch on the TV guide. Highlight the program via the remote control and press the “OK” button on the remote. When the menu appears, use your remote to scroll to the “set reminder” option and hit “OK” again.

Menu customization is for those who use the Moxi guide instead of the grid guide. The Moxi guide provides a number of options, including genres (movies, kids, sports) and features (tickers, games, etc). Previously you had to keep scrolling by these options, but now you can customize the menu so they don’t appear anymore. To customize the menu, go to the “settings” menu option. Scroll to the “menu customization” option and select by pressing “OK” on the remote. You can then go through and select each menu option you no longer wish to see.

If you prefer the Grid guide option to the Moxi guide, color coding shows you the type of content on that channel. Children’s programs are highlighted in orange, news and information in blue, movies in purple, and sports in green.

There are many more new and exciting features planned for Alpha – so we’ll be back in the near future to let you know about these.

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