This is Only a Test: Earthquake Drill Oct.16


Get ready for the “Great Oregon Shake Out” a statewide earthquake drill planned for Thursday, October 16 at 10:16 a.m.

As part of the Great Oregon Shake Out, BendBroadband will transmit an emergency test message over all its TV channels through the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The message will block out TV programs in progress with the following message (regional differences are possible):

This is a coordinated test of the Emergency Alert System, NOAA Weather Radio’s warning alarm. If you are participating in today’s statewide earthquake drill as a part of the west coast Great Shakeout exercise… Drop, Cover and Hold now and follow your post-earthquake drill procedures.

This is only a TEST. The following tones will conclude this test.

Major earthquakes cause unprecedented catastrophes. In preparation for what will happen after a catastrophic earthquake, the Great Oregon Shake Out is a statewide drill to plan for a major eruption.

Over 370,000 Oregonians are involved in the upcoming event, which include local schools, businesses, organizations and government agencies.

If you are interested to learn more about the “Great Oregon Shake Out,” or want to know more how to plan for an earthquake, please visit the following link.

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