BendBroadband launches Stingray Music Service

BendBroadband launches Stingray Music Service

StingrayInsertStingray Music is now the digital music provider for your all-music cable channels. BendBroadband rolled out 50 new commercial-free music stations on Nov. 1.

Music taste is a highly personal affair, and finding that special channel that plays your kind of tunes 24/7 can be a frustrating experience. BendBroadband has made that search easy for you with commercial-free music channels. Now we are freshening up the channel lineup.

The new network, Stingray Music, features 50 brand-new music channels. The network’s huge library of music will keep you humming, dancing, tapping or bursting into song at any time of day.

Stingray’s music channels feature stunning visuals that match each genre of music, turning your television into digital artwork. Each channel is programmed by a music industry expert.

The network’s offerings don’t stop there. Stingray Music comes with a robust offering of 500-plus free on-demand music videos as well as the Karaoke Channel on Demand.

Stingray-004-screen568x568You can also access Stingray Music online. An app available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play makes your music channels portable so you can listen at the office, a friend’s house or a backyard party.

It’s easy to pick your favorite music station with the Stingray Music app. To spare your mobile unit bandwidth for other things, you can even program it to play music only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

The app is free. Once you sign up, BendBroadband subscribers can access their favorite music online at no additional cost.

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, smooth jazz or classical, roots or pop music, Stingray Music has the perfect channel for you.

Use the channel guide below to find the new Stingray Channel that plays all your favorite tunes!


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