South Bend Outage Due to Overnight Accident

South Bend Outage Due to Overnight Accident

At 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday a vehicle damaged BendBroadband fiber facilities servicing the south end of Bend.

The accident has resulted in a widespread service outage in the surrounding areas.  Teams began restoration at 1am and expect the first services restored by 11 a.m. However, it will be this evening before all services are back to normal.

We will post updates as restoration continues. Scroll down for the latest updates.

BendBroadband equipment damaged in the accident
BendBroadband equipment damaged in the accident


10 a.m. Update

As our teams work to restore service,  there is a work-around for phone customers to forward calls to their cell phones. Go to and select My Phone Manager from the My Account drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Login with your username (your 10-digit phone number) and password. Once logged in, scroll down to Call Forwarding Always and select the ON button. Then, enter the 10-digit phone number to which you want to forward calls and click Apply, then OK. If you run into difficulties or cannot access My Phone Manager remotely, please contact our Tech Support team. Here is a link to more support on using the My Phone Manager. Please note, if you have previously set up the Call Forwarding Not Reachable option, calls are already forwarding and no changes are necessary.



 11 a.m. update 

Our crews in the field report that they are making solid progress repairing the fiber damages. We’ll post another update at noon.

Noon update


If you were ever curious what fiber splicing looks like, here it is. This photo was taken near the accident site this morning, where our crews have been meticulously repairing damaged fiber since 1 a.m.

Our crews report that they are partnering with Pacific Power at this time to restore power to the site.

12:15 p.m. – Power is back! Final fiber splicing and repairs are underway.





2:45 p.m. 

Crews are in the final phase of the rebuild. Here is another snapshot from the field, showing work being performed on the final patch panels.



4 p.m. update

Devices in the accident area are now partially restored. Our fiber team is working on bringing metro ethernet devices back up, and some are now back online.


7:30 p.m. update

Repair work has been completed and service has been restored. Cable and metro ethernet customers are back online. Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate incident.








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