Every second counts for barrel racer Stephanie Higgins

Every second counts for barrel racer Stephanie Higgins

Barrel racer Stephanie Higgins on her horse, Lil Miss Smarty Plans. Photo: Trevor McCreery

Building on its hard-rocking TV commercial, “Rock On,” BendBroadband recently launched a new commercial for its Internet service. Dubbed “Every Second Counts,” the new campaign features Redmond-based barrel racer Stephanie Higgins.

Shot at the Crook County Fairgrounds in Prineville, the new commercial showcases pure horsepower. Riding her 10-year-old barrel horse, Lil Miss Smarty Plans, Higgins makes it clear that speed matters. The adrenalin rush is evident in every frame of the commercial.

“It is [down to] every tenth of a second, hundreds of a second,” Higgins said. “That’s what separates you from winning. It’s simply how fast you and your horse can do your job.”

A longtime horse trainer and barrel racer, Higgins was hooked on the sport as soon as she competed in her first race at age 14.

“I grew up in Central Oregon [and] wanted to train horses for a living,” Higgins said.

The Internet is an integral part of Higgins’ business, SMG Performance Horses. She showcases horses for sale through the website.

“Facebook has been great,” Higgins says. “Social media is wonderful [from a] business aspect as well as personal. Training horses and selling horses, everybody wants everything right now. Uploading videos, uploading training videos, pictures, everything…. That has helped us sell a lot of horses.”

Barrel racing is an intense sport. Higgins raced all over Central California from 2008 until 2011, when she moved her family to Central Oregon.

Stephanie is a fierce competitor. Training makes perfect, and Higgins and her friends take turns shooting video of their training passes.

“We can go back […] and see what we did right, what we did wrong,” she said. “Without video, we wouldn’t be keeping up. We share and we critique each other. When I come in to do my computer work, I need it to go fast. I don’t want to sit and wait around on slow Internet. I need it now.”

The locals’ choice of Internet service was a given for Higgins.

“I chose BendBroadband because I was brought up to shop local,” Higgins said. “We’re all about helping the local businesses. If it wasn’t for people using us locally, we wouldn’t be where we are today, so when I shop and look for service, I shop local.”

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