How to hook up your new tech toys

How to hook up your new tech toys

laptop with gift box and christmas lights backgroundThis is the season for giving – and receiving. BendBroadband is ready to help you hook your holiday tech gift, whether it’s a new tablet or a new HDTV, to your set-top box.

Tech gifts are popular this holiday season. Key in “best gift ideas” in your Internet browser and you’ll find plenty of tech gadgets.

The Consumer Electronics Association’s annual gift-giving forecast for this holiday season predicts the highest levels of consumer spending on consumer electronics since the organization started tracking holiday spending back in 1994.

According to the CEA, the tech gifts that recipients most desire are tablets, notebook/laptop computers, TVs, smartphones and videogame consoles. That’s a lot of tech gadgets under the Christmas tree.

But giving – and receiving – is the easy part. After all the boxes have been opened and the wrapping paper has been put in the recycling bin comes the most important part of the holiday: It’s time to hook up all those shiny new tech toys.

Don’t despair! BendBroadband has a huge library of tech support articles on all of our services – TV, Internet and phone. It’s a great place to find tips on everything from connecting new tablet or computer to the Internet to connecting that huge HDTV to your new Alpha set-top box.

BendBroadband’s support website offers more than 150 articles. It’s easy to find the online library. Locate the “Support” tab on the upper navigation bar on any BendBroadband web page and click on the link that takes you to the support library.

We have broken the support articles into four sections: TV, Internet, Phone and Billing. You can either choose a commonly requested article or look for something specific using the search bar.

Whether you’re looking for the email server settings for your new tablet or want to know if your BendBroadband set-top box is ready for your new HDTV, the information you need is right there.

Happy Holidays from BendBroadband’s Tech Support Team

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