Kudos to the 2014 Local Dog Giving Game award recipients

Kudos to the 2014 Local Dog Giving Game award recipients

BendBroadband is proud to reveal the recipients of the 2014 Local Dog Giving Game.

BendBroadband has a long history of giving back to the communities it serves. Beyond the yearly giving activities, the holiday season is a time to recognize and thank the many nonprofit organizations that serve Central Oregonians.

Mountainstar Family Relief Nursery: Pete McCracken and Kayla Bowcutt nominated by Shauna Osteen

This year, BendBroadband invited its employees to be the stewards of the company’s 2014 Holiday Giving program. Employees were invited to take part in the Local Dog Giving Game, a “scavenger hunt” that united 12 nonprofits with BendBroadband’s 260 associates.

Each BendBroadband employee could choose six organizations from a list of 12 nominated nonprofits. Employees were encouraged to visit the organizations on their own time, tour facilities, ask questions and get involved.

Healing Reins: Polly Cohen, Dita Keith nominated by Kelsey Daubenschmidt. Also pictured, 18 year old Norwegian Fjord program horse, Faith.

After the scavenger hunt concluded, BendBroadband employees selected their favorite nonprofits. The top three vote-getters received grants from BendBroadband.

“We are proud to announce the three nonprofit organizations who will receive the Local Dog Giving Game cash awards,” said Sonja Donohue, community relations manager for BendBroadband.

This year, first, second, and third place prizes will go respectively to: Mountainstar Family Relief Nursery, Healing Reins, and Bethlehem Inn. In addition, the 9 other non-profit organizations will receive a donation from BendBroadband for taking part of the Local Dog Giving Game.

Bethlehem Inn: Gwenn Wysling nominated by Thomas Szymanski.

The Local Dog Giving Game is a part of BendBroadband’s Holiday Giving program. Last year’s beneficiary was Bend 2030, an organization working to implement plans for housing and economic vibrancy. In 2012 the recipient was the Madras Aquatic Center.

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