Channel Changes Effective March 1st 2015

BendBroadband is consistently negotiating and improving the programming line up on behalf of customers. Channels are occasionally added, dropped or reconfigured in order to keep cable TV packages as relevant and competitively priced as possible.

To this end, we will no longer offer CornerstoreTV or Africa as of March 1st 2015. CornerstoreTV (channel 13) is a shopping channel currently included in all our TV packages. QVC (channel 8/608HD) or HSN (channel 18/618) are good alternatives for viewers.

Africa (channel 165/765HD) is currently offered as part of our Bronze Variety cable TV package. Alternative content can be found on National Geographic and Discovery channels.

Thank you again all those who responded to our programming survey in December and we look forward to adding more of the programming you have asked for in 2015.

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