Confused by misleading claims from long distance telemarketers?

Confused by misleading claims from long distance telemarketers?

Have you been solicited by an out-of-state telemarketer claiming the FCC has authorized them to offer you lower long distance rates?  You’re not alone.

We’ve heard from customers that an out-of-state 3rd party long distance service provider is targeting local businesses with misleading information about our phone services and FCC regulations.

You deserve reliable phone service and reliable information.

What our customers should know is this: We are your local phone provider. BendBroadband offers a robust, full-featured phone system to keep you connected to your customers. What our customers may not know is exactly how we make it happen.

Allow us to make it clear.

BendBroadband operates 132 miles of fiber networked from Madras to Chemult and all points in between. We’ve invested millions of dollars so we can connect directly with our customers on state-of-the-art broadband technology.  We also operate our own switch platform, just like CenturyLink and BendTel.

How do we offer phone service?  With VoIP.

What is VoIP, you ask? Technically, it means Voice over Internet Protocol. In simpler terms, that means the system allows you to make phone calls using your high-speed internet connection. With VoIP service, your specialized business-class phone is plugged into a cable modem or your computer.  Local calls route over our private fiber optic network and calls outside the network take advantage of our peered connections to the Internet.

In short, we own the phone numbers we provide. We aren’t reselling the service of another phone company. If our business customers come to us from another provider, they’re welcome to bring their phone numbers with them.

BendBroadband’s VoIP service differs in another important way—IP voice service is not regulated in the same way traditional phone service is, says Melanie Grandjacques, BendBroadband’s vice president of Information Systems and Project Management.

“Due to less regulation, VOIP service doesn’t have as many taxes and fees,” Grandjacques said. “That saves our customers money.”

As VOIP service is regulated differently, it also means BendBroadband provides all its own long-distance and international calling services. That service doesn’t need to be handled by a third-party provider, as is the case with many traditional phone service providers.

“Our service is all or nothing. You get everything,” Grandjacques said.

Our customers appreciate this bundled service because it’s economical, convenient, provides a single point of contact, and includes 24×7 local technical support.  BendBroadband owns the numbers, BendBroadband provides the full service, and our customers reap the benefits.

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